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Lee Mitchelson Art Newsletter, Issue #002 -- Blessings
September 29, 2020


Oh my gosh. Suddenly, September is almost over and I promised a newsletter every month and I keep my word, so bear with what is a blathering of thoughts, while I am not feeling very organized.

This has been a challenging month, what with our almost 70-year-old well conking out. Two companies came and tried to removed the old pipes and the pump to get it out of the way for new, and, finding out they cannot, we need a new well dug. Thanks to being able to access a neighbor's hose, we water horses.

The mind wanders. I am remembering that miracles large and small are part of my life, too. One of them is that I am able to feel supported, uplifted, by having friends who are on my newsletter list and that share my love of animals and animal art. I am very grateful for you!

Whether big things or small things, feeling grateful and expecting blessings is so important for happiness. Some of our blessings feel magical. I don't really believe in coincidences. There is more to it than that. A few "little things" that I will never forget:

Not so long ago I did some jackrabbit art.

The next day, for the first and only time in 8 years of living here, a jackrabbit visited my yard and sat under a tree.
The time I was working on a painting of my young daughter and a white mouse. I needed a good reference for the mousie in the position I wanted. Out of the blue, my son's friend came to the door, and I noticed he had a bulge in his shirt pocket. And out poked the head of his new pet... a white mouse.
And the day I was doing a painting of a Golden Retriever and in the background I wanted to put pheasant feathers as part of the design. I drove to the little country store near by, and on the side of the road... was a pheasant. Yes. Sadly he had met his demise, but gifted me with some beautiful feathers.
One incident that felt very amazing was during a time I was researching for a trip to Alaska about sled dog art, as I had a print project going. And I had seen photos of the musk oxen there and was completely captivated. Did you know that musk oxen, while they look like the would be huge, don't they, are only about 4 feet tall? I wanted to paint musk oxen!

There was a knock on my door. When I opened it, there was an interesting looking guy on the porch, and he was selling magazines. I was not particularly in the market for magazines, but this person intrigued me. He looked so out of place in the Southwest.

Because I am either nosy or inquisitive, depending upon one's opinion, I struck up a conversation with him. He said his name was Ray Anarok. He was from Unakleet, Alaska, and trying to get money together so he could go home. I told him I wanted to go to Alaska, and see the musk oxen so I could paint them. He said there was a herd of them that gathered near his village, and if I could make it up there, I could stay there...and he would take me out to the herd.

Is it all magic? Maybe! I have begun to imagine a bag of "drill a new well" cash in unmarked bills, falling out of an airplane and landing in my yard!

People have expressed such a fondness for the wild horse painting I did, called "So Many Aunties", of a colt in a cluster of mares.

He looks to be interested in finding something to do but is chaperoned to excess! I thought that canvas reproductions of this painting might be welcomed. Here is a link to the horse prints on canvas page on my website where it, and others, are shown. There is a 20%-off coupon code for newsletter subscribers. Your code is: 8T8SL

I list small original paintings on Daily Paintworks as often as I can. dailypaintworks Here are a few I have listed lately.

"Heaven Sent"

"Sweet Life with Horses"

"Flax and Mischief"

"FireFly and Her Filly, Anuk"

"Climbing to His Hideaway"

"The Cuddly Bunch"

I've been able to complete a couple commissions this month. I can't post the images because the paintings are surprises for someone arranged by my clients, but later after the gift giving, I will share them.

I love helping people do this! And I am very good at helping with surprises. Now the recipients will be able to look at their dogs and horses and people in paintings on their walls.

When they say that art makes a house a home, it is really true. No matter what the subject matter is, when you seek out and acquire art, because it touches your heart and your spirit, it creates an atmosphere that is reassuring and inspiring in the place that you live. It is for me, too. There are so many paintings done by other artists that I wish I had, and could look at every day.

Until next time, be well!


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