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Lee Mitchelson Art Newsletter, Issue #001 -- Foal Paintings Video
August 05, 2020


Thanks for getting on my mailing list! Your interest in my animal art is so important to me, so encouraging and inspiring! It is the love of animals and of art, that brings us together.

This is my first newsletter from my new website location. If you notice something I should do that would make my site user-friendly, please tell me. I would love to have your feedback.

"Baby Season" Foal Art Video This slide show is of foal paintings I have done this year plus a few older pieces. About half of my work has been of foals this year. I hope you enjoy it. Foals are so pure and honest. It has uplifted me to paint so many, because it has been a reminder about renewal and hope. I will make other videos that are of wild and domestic horse art, of stallions, mares and foals and bands of wild horse families. And, of my companion animal art, too. I have done commissioned paintings for people for almost 50 years, it has been woven into my life in every way. I always welcome inquiries about doing custom art of your animals .

Hasn't 2020 really been something? I'm taking things a day, sometimes an hour, at a time. My wish is for peace of mind and stability for all of you and for my own family. I could not be more grateful that I was already working in my studio at home, full-time, and can continue to do that. I have had to make changes in how and where I get supplies and services. I have adapted, as we all have had to do. Of most significance is that my family, my animals, are getting through this in one piece. Our faith is very strong around here.

I belong to Oil Painters of America, and I participate in ABUN (Artists and Biologists United for Nature). I have a couple projects in mind, for series of larger paintings. (Most of my smaller works are studies for what could be much bigger art). Everything I do, in some way involve protecting animals and funding the people and places that do it.

My most recent interesting tidbit is that a painting of mine which belongs to Rasmus Stoklund Holm-Nielsen of the Denmark House of Parliament, now resides in their parliament building. And earlier in the year I shipped a commissioned horse painting to Switzerland. It is always fun when my artwork travels off continent. I have paintings in 11 countries! But what I treasure is painting someone's little heart dog or kitty they had for 17 years or their childhood pony or any creature they have etched into their heart for all time. I can honestly say that there is nothing, as an artist, that matters more to me than honoring the relationships people have with their animals. I'm grateful that I know the feeling. Bonds that are so compelling that they have become who I am as a person, and certainly who I am as a painter. Without love for animals, and the love I receive from them, life would be so much less than it is.

For almost 20 years, I have occasionally sold both equine art and abstract paintings from galleries in Sedona, AZ. The first year, at Jordan Road Gallery, back in the day. And then, with Goldenstein Gallery, which closed in February of this year. So, for now, large equine oils for collectors and designers will be offered from my website as they come available.

I am going to make prints on canvas of some of my paintings, soon. I'm working out the details on that. I have had some questions about prints recently so there will be a special page for them on my website.

Until next time, may your blessings be many.


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