An Arizona Animal Rescue

Star View Lifetime Sanctuary

We have had Star View Lifetime Sanctuary since 1998. Not a non-profit, this Arizona animal rescue is supported by Lee Mitchelson Art.

Of the remaining animals here, many are in their senior years and on palliative care.  The number of animals has of course steadily declined over the years.  It is a senior population sanctuary, like the old dog, cat and horse places people read about. Ours has been "a soft place to fall." Our philosophy is, if we have taken in an animal to help them, and they are "damaged" and they stay a long time, they never have to leave. It gets to the point where re-homing becomes a traumatic removal from where they finally were able to feel safe at last. So, we don't.

Our horses run in a little herd, are free fed grass hay, and are healthy but three of them have some issues of varying degrees. We are affiliated with High Sierra Wild Horse Sanctuary in California because we have Mustangs.

In our heart of hearts we pray for all animals to be saved from fear, hunger, thirst, confusion and loneliness. 

Each and every life here is equally important. Not a day goes by that we do not marvel at the complexity of animal personalities!

Thank you for taking the time to read about Star View!

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