"Beautiful Beau"

beautiful beau horse art print

"Beautiful Beau"

The Mustang stallion, Beau, is an icon of Sand Wash Basin in the Rockies of Colorado. I was born with a fascination; I never can resist painting white horses. They reach right into me like a ray of beautiful light. As Beau jogs along the edge of this hill, I can hear his legs in the brush and his hooves clattering on rocks. Hooves that are perfectly contoured by countless hours of polishing from stones and gravel. In freedom and wildness, there is such perfection.

Choose either flat, unstretched canvas with a 1" border (shipped rolled, ready to take to your local framer to put under glass), .75" depth gallery-wrapped stretched canvas (shipped ready to hang with or without a frame), or 1.5" depth gallery-wrapped stretched canvas (shipped ready to hang without a frame).

Available sizes:

12"x 8" $36.00 flat, $74.00 (.75" depth), $88.00 (1.5" depth)

18"x 12" $54.00 flat, $110.00 (.75" depth), $131.00 (1.5" depth)

24"x 16" $76.00 flat, $157.00 (.75" depth), $187.00 (1.5" depth)

30"x 20" $99.00 flat, $205.00 (.75" depth), $247.00 (1.5" depth)

36"x24" $124.00 flat, $257.00 (.75" depth), $310.00 (1.5" depth)

48"x 32" $220.00 flat, $457.00 (.75" depth), $549.00 (1.5" depth)