How to Commission a Pet Portrait

It is a simple process to commission a pet portrait. Are you interested in having a portrait done of your own pet, or artwork of someone else's animal done as a gift? Or perhaps a painting as a pet memorial? All that is required is an appropriate photo. Contact me and I will answer your questions (no pressure). The price depends on size and number of pets in the painting, and starts at $175.00 for a 5" x 7". There is no maximum. I have done paintings as large as 50" x 60".

Click here to view some examples of pet portrait commissions. I ship paintings to clients all over the world.

custom dog portrait commission

"A very special package arrived for Kelley to open. It was so neat to watch his reaction! Lee Mitchelson painted a beautiful painting of the precious love our Khari has for our great niece Mia and the love Miss Mia has for her Gruncle and that he has for Little Miss Mia. It's precious! Look at Khari in the photo... she is looking up at the painting like she knows she is in it with Mia and her Dad. So adorable:) Mahalo Lee! You are so talented and we love it! This is the 5th painting Lee has done for us capturing our sweet fur kiddos and now this very special one with Kel, Mia and Khari." Laura Hitchens

pet portrait painting

Who do you know, that would be thrilled beyond words to receive a beautiful painting of their very own much-loved animal? Do you think it's an awesome idea, but you'd want to commission a pet portrait to surprise them with....and how would you manage that? When it comes to surprising someone with a painting as a gift, I can be pretty clever when I need to be. It has been successfully done many times!

The feeling of giving art to someone of something they adore is an experience you will never forget. And neither will they ever forget that you did so. You'll see how emotional... how meaningful... it truly is. They will be very impressed you surprised them that way.     

Testimonials from Clients Who've Commissioned a Pet Portrait:

Pundit and former presidential speechwriter Ben Stein (I painted his Weimaraner, Mary-Margaret) said in his newspaper article about my work, "In Lee's dog paintings is the actual soul of the dog." That is one of the greatest things anyone has ever said about my work, and I strive to always live up to that!

My collector Marlys Lipe said, "Lee Mitchelson has created lovely custom paintings for me; she captures the essence of my special pets in a way that astounds me! She's also painted amazing art gifts for me to give my friends. What a blessing to be able to give something so meaningful and so treasured by the recipient. The fact that Lee uses her talents to benefit charities adds to the delight of purchasing amazing art." (I do art that is sold as to raise funds for animal rescue organizations, such as Wild Heart Ranch, Puppy Rescue Mission, etc.)

You can see much more feedback from my clients on my Facebook page.

pet art gift certificateGift Certificates Are Also Available!

My painting style for these custom pet paintings from photos is Traditional Realism in oil. 

I have had literally hundreds and hundreds of clients commission a pet portrait over the last forty years, and I am happy to be a member of the Oil Painters of America. Many very well known people have my art, including  William Shatner, Ben Stein, Rudolf Martin, The Estate of James A. Michener,  Elmer Bernstein and the Wrigley and DuPont families, among others. I was honored to be personally selected by esteemed horse photographer and writer Robert Vavra to illustrate two of his books.  

The love between a person and their animal can be life-changing, and I feel the power of such a connection because I, too, have such a relationship with my own animals. It is the depth of the devotion between people and animals that fascinates me most of all because it is utterly consuming for me personally. I recognize that people and their animals have bonds of epic proportions. A person falls in love with an animal as a soulmate, as a companion, as a child.     

There is nothing like a customized pet painting if you're looking for an unforgettable gift.  Or imagine your own dog, cat, horse or any other pet immortalized in such a special way. 

If you'd like to commission a pet portrait, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

Contact me today.

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