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equine art

Equine Art: Beautiful "Batata" of Rancho Bayo

Batata is breath-taking! I was compelled to do art of her the way she looks here, I couldn't not do it.  I painted her when she was younger, too.  She is a Kiger Mustang.  A primitive dun, in this case what is called a "claybank" or red dun.  

"Cactus Flower"

One of my favorite babies from Michelle Clarke's Rancho Bayo. And I remember the first time I realized that cactus grew in Georgetown Texas! I don't know why I was surprised, seems Texas has just about everything! Pale horses like the foal in this equine art, intrigue me. And always inspire me with their magical, ethereal quality.


All of the pale horse colors are fascinating to me. Called "dilutes", these lovely horses have eye colors that are not the dark brown of most horses. Amber, green, and blue are common. I am sure that someone who knows exactly, will tell me what dilute this horse is that I have painted. I believe, it is called Champagne, or Perlino. But alas I am no color genetics expert... I'm just a horse-obsessed painter. At Rancho Bayo, in Texas, all the enchanting colors are to be found.

graphite drawing

Equine Art: Graphite of "The Stallions of Rancho Bayo"

Two stunning Kiger stallions communicating the way that stallions do. Michelle Clarke's Rancho Bayo in Texas produces some of this world's most beautiful equines: Iberian Saddle Horses, Kiger Mustangs, Lusitano, Andalusians and crosses of these.

horse painting

"The Huddle"

These are colts at Rancho Bayo, in Georgetown, Texas. Michelle Clarke has been perfecting bloodlines for 20 years. I am enthralled with not only her horses, but the seemingly mystical gift she seems to have within that process. Rancho Bayo produces Iberian-blood horses, cross-breeding Kiger spanish mustangs, purebred Lusitanos and Andalusians. Visit the her website to see the incredible results. The scene I painted in this equine art started me thinking about the meaning of it. As a horse owner myself, with a small herd, I am keenly aware of how dependent horses are on each other. How much they need herd life. By nature, horses in a group become like one organism. Reactions flow intertwined. Like a murmuration of a flying flock of Blackbirds, they move together, for the most part. In this scene it is hard to tell where one colt ends and another begins.

Equine Art, Miniature Original "Delphin, Revisited"

I painted Delphin years ago, she was the very first Kiger foal I ever painted. It was a larger painting than this little jewel. Delphin was born at Rancho Bayo in Texas.

This filly takes my breath away. She makes me think of sonnets and mythical horses of legend. When I look at her I think things like  "If angels came here as horses, they'd look like Delphin when they are babies".  Yes I do romanticize the beauty of horses. I have been this way my whole life and would not want to feel differently!

foal artwork

"Little Charmer"

There is quite a lot I would like to say about this foal. You may have thought right away, that besides being a pretty thing, this foal might have some hot blood in it's lineage. You would be correct, it is Iberian (Spanish) blood. You might have thought there is something very unique about the color, and color shifts, on the foal. I will explain them. Would you be surprised to learn, this is an American Mustang? Yup. A Kiger Mustang, to be specific. Born at Rancho Bayo, from Kigers who ran wild and were domesticated as preservation and appreciation of this exquisite breed. Now, about the color, which may perplex some: This foal was born pale tan, shading off to pale cream. In this painting, a change is occurring. It is the lovely revelation of the baby's true color, grulla! The soft baby hair is beginning to go, and underneath, the shades of grey begin to show. A dark dorsal stripe will even appear, and a body that will be in the color range within grulla, which could be nearly black and as pale as the lightest silver grey, and the muzzle, eyes, mane and tail, dark. So beautiful. On the forehead where you might expect there to be a white diamond or something, instead you see the dark grulla. For Kigers, the tan (dun) and grulla are very common, and with it, the primitive markings that fascinate me. The mane and tail variations shown in this art will remain, as the manes and tails are double or triple colored.

stallion artwork

"Picasso the Wild Stallion, Natural Grace"

A wild stallion, the beautiful, famous Picasso of Sand Wash Basin. Looking as elegant as any dressage champion! How I admire this horse and genuinely love him. He is at least 30 years of age and has lived his entire life wild and free. 

Picasso represents a lot of things to me, and to so many people around the world. I thank Katy Simpson for sharing this really special pose for this equine art of Picasso in his prime. What a lovely creature he is.

A Study for the Painting "Nursery Duty"

The original oil painting is in Southwest Art's 2018-2019 Collector's Issue and I am in the feature, "12 Artists, 12 Distinctive Visions"

"Nursery Duty" is about the peace we pray for in the wild horse family units on our public lands. These are horses that live in the Virginia Range horse management area around Reno, Nevada. On a quiet Spring day, this beautiful mare and her colt from last year, babysit sleeping foals. One is her's from this year, and here also are two babies belonging to other mares. A few carefree hours, within the reliable structure of a wild horse band. We fight to protect wild horses, they are not only cherished for their own sake, but because they are part of America's heritage. Please be aware of the tentative status of the wild family bands and what they represent.

"The Stallion Way"

Patron and Nito, Kiger Mustangs. This equine art is one of several paintings I want to do of these two beautiful stallions at Michelle Clarke's Rancho Bayo in Texas. Both of these stallions were wild, not so long ago. They are adept at working out stallion issues in natural ways.

Equine Art: "Wildflower of Nevada"

I don't know many things in this world that are more tender than a young foal, and when they are the wild ones, it is even more poignant, because they are not in the safety of someone's barn or pasture. Wild horses are wildlife, in every sense. Their safety is in their family unity and their devotion to each other.

"Zorro de Plateado"

Zorro is a Kiger colt by Patron x Teanna at Rancho Bayo, Michelle Clarke's masterpiece of a ranch in Texas where she is raising Iberian Saddle Horses, Kigers, Lusitanos and crosses. Some of my happiest moments in life are in doing art of her exquisite horses.

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