Pet Portrait Commissions

Here are some examples of pet portrait commissions I've done from photos. Scroll down to see several categories. Click here for custom portrait information.

Dog Pet Portrait Commissions

pet portrait commissions"Inuk"
"Bailey and Kelsey"
"Ever Hopeful"
"Bandit's Woods"
"Chance and Lexie"
"Echo the Wonder Dog"
"Lucas Heaton"
"Long Time Friends"
"Faithful Soldier"
"Fifi Turner"
"Military War Dog Johny P 242"
"The Eyes of Love"
"May May"

Cat Paintings

custom cat portrait"Bailey"

Horse Portraits

custom horse portrait"Playtime"

Bunny Pet Portrait Commissions

bunny painting"Honey Bun"
"I Thought You Said This Was a Comedy"
"Ross and Rachel"
"Should We Tell Mama Her Slippers Don't Match?"
"Little House Bunny"

Duck Portrait

"Reincarnation of a Wise Old Duck"