So Many Aunties

so many aunties horse art print

"So Many Aunties"

Depending on what your aunties are like, it either means more freedom and extra indulgence, or it means you never get away with a darn thing because there is always someone watching you that is sure danger lurks everywhere. 

I am only going by the expression on this baby's face, but it looks to me like the mind is working out a bit of a plan. You think it's going to be a mad dash? or a sneaky meander? 

A foal brings so much joy and entertainment to a band of wild ones.  It's just too bad the babies don't stay small a a lot longer!

Choose either flat, unstretched canvas with a 1" border (shipped rolled, ready to take to your local framer to put under glass), .75" depth gallery-wrapped stretched canvas (shipped ready to hang with or without a frame), or 1.5" depth gallery-wrapped stretched canvas (shipped ready to hang without a frame).

Available sizes:

12"x12" $43.00 flat, $90.00 (.75" depth), $108.00 (1.5" depth)

16"x16" $59.00 flat, $122.00 (.75" depth), $146.00 (1.5" depth)

20"x 20" $77.00 flat, $158.00 (.75" depth), $191.00 (1.5" depth)

24"x24" $97.00 flat, $202.00 (.75" depth), $241.00 (1.5" depth)

30"x 30" $128.00 flat, $265.00 (.75" depth), $317.00 (1.5" depth)

36"x36" $160.00 flat, $333.00 (.75" depth), $400.00 (1.5" depth)