The Stallions of Rancho Bayo

"The Stallions of Rancho Bayo"

This art is of two wild-born Kiger Mustang stallions who, after capture, came to be at Rancho Bayo in Texas. In front, Patron, and behind, Antonito Bandalero. Both are primitive dun colors, Patron a grullo, and 'Nito, a dun. Patron will be going soon to Winterwind Kigers in Nova Scotia, where the very important Rancho Bayo Kiger legacy will continue, and 'Nito is part of Europe's burgeoning Kiger breeding program.

Choose either flat, unstretched canvas with a 1" border (shipped rolled, ready to take to your local framer to put under glass), .75" depth gallery-wrapped stretched canvas (shipped ready to hang with or without a frame), or 1.5" depth gallery-wrapped stretched canvas (shipped ready to hang without a frame).

Available sizes:

8"x10" $24.00 flat, $50.00 (.75" depth), $59.00 (1.5" depth)

16"x20" $51.00 flat, $105.00 (.75" depth), $125.00 (1.5" depth)

24"x 30" $84.00 flat, $171.00 (.75" depth), $206.00 (1.5" depth)

32"x40" $143.00 flat, $296.00 (.75" depth), $355.00 (1.5" depth)